Angel Fidler is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (JAN 2016) and Certified Body Code Practitioner (AUG 2017). She holds the following National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certifications: NASM CPT/PES/CES/FNS. Currently in Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1)Certification Course. In addition to her Certifications she has received a Master of Science Degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Angel spent over 12 years Serving in the US Army and Utah National Guard, including time in Seoul, South Korea and a deployment to Saudi Arabia. Angel loves to volunteer actively in many of the following organizations and her other hobbies include: a continuing active self-directed education on many subjects, Boy Scouts of America Volunteer, American Red Cross Instructor, facilitating Hunter Education Field Days and NRA Firearms skills courses, Volunteer with Veterans Service Organizations (American Legion, Disabled Veterans of America (DAV), Veterans of Foreign War (VFW)-Local, State, and National Positions), Team Rubicon (TR) Booths and Service Projects locally, sharing information about herbs and essential oils, sharing preparedness skills, needle crafts, sewing, the arts, gardening, sharing Health and wellness information about walking, weight lifting, being in the outdoors, and being healthy overall!

Knowing from personal experience and many years of struggling with health issues, that by giving the body the tools it needs to maintain and support the itself can bring balance and allows the body to heal itself. Integrating natural solutions by working with her medical care providers in harmony to compliment the health protocols they provided thereby receiving the best of both systems.

Angel’s overall purpose is to provide complimentary natural solutions in health and wellness to help others find their own personal path to wellness, happiness, and peace with their life.

TO BE MOVED: My husband and I are parents to five children and proud grandparents of two beautiful grand-daughters. We have a small farm that we are developing slowly. We are both believers in constant and never-ending improvement. We continue to learn as much as we can. We go in many different directions as far as subjects and interests. We hope to share with you those things that worked for us and maybe you will give them a try and see if they work for you.