A little bit more about me...

I am Angel Fidler, I was born in Richmond, VA, we lived there until I was 2 and a half. We then moved to my Father’s Family farm in Bruce Crossing, Michigan. I had two younger Siblings born there, one had asthma which precipitated us moving to Mesa, AZ when I was 7. Which we only stayed 6 months because of the asthma. We then moved back to Virginia 1) Roanoke, 2) Salem, 3) Mineral, and finally, 4) Bumpass-Where my mother and father now reside after re-marrying 2 years ago. I graduated from Louisa County High School 1990 and three days later was at BYU for the summer term. I met my husband halfway through the term. My husband proposed on the second date (the day after our first date.) I finished my Freshman year at the Y. Then got married and Shipped off to US Army Basic Training and advanced training for the Utah National Guard. Later after finishing my first Skill training and not quite making jump school. I decided to go active duty after discussing it with my husband. After a month with him I went back for another skill school with the military. I got assigned to Korea. I found out about four weeks later I was pregnant with our first son, Joseph (26). I came home and was supposed to go to Walter Reed in MD. But got ti changed to Fort Bragg, NC. I had Joseph, Hyrum (25), and Dorothy (23-after Saudi) there. I got deployed to Saudi Arabia because Sadam Hussein was causing issues again. Needless to say, we finally decided it was time to head home back to the Utah National Guard. (side note: My husband just retired from a 36 year career in the Guard and Reserve May 2018).I came back to Utah I attend Salt LAke community College got my AS 1998 , Then the University of Utah got my BS 2000. I had Edward (19) while finishing my BS. A year later we had John (17). That year I also started having health issues and doing my best to work through the VA system with no luck. I searched out complimentary ways for my health. Fast forward, I found doTERRA and Energy work. WE own a small farm and are still working to grow it into a self-sufficient venture. Over the past Year, I have finally gotten answers to what has been answering and the care I need. IT only gets better.

I am largely into health and wellness. But still attracted to other ways to bring income into my home. I am always learning. I do have a goal of diamond in doTERRA and have for the past 5 years. I am seeing myself move forward in the online space creating a my team with a virtual flavor. The space is very new and different.

This is just a taste, lots more details to come.