Prepping Principles by David Fidler, Series Part 4

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This is part 4 in a seven (7) parts.

Part 4

Third Principle: Skills.

Again, gaining skills doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Just as you can study online, you can often practice. This is merely a matter of doing. While often requiring knowledge as the basis, skills are something totally different than knowledge. You might say that a skill is applied knowledge. This is true in many cases but not all.

Often people overlook the importance of building the skills. Knowing how to bake bread and actually baking bread are two different things. Anyone who has tried for the first time to make bread form scratch quickly learns that to have a nice loaf of bread in the end that isn’t either too doughy or crumbly is not as easy as it looks. The same principle applies for many tasks. Gardening isn’t something that you can just jump into and do from the get-go. Even if you used to garden years ago, you need to keep up on it as it is a perishable skill. Skills are things that need to be practiced regularly and constantly improved upon.

Some skills may best be gained by attending classes or schools. Going through an EMT course and becoming EMT certified can be a great skill and knowledge to have for TEOTWAWKI scenarios as well as everyday events. This applies, even if you never work a job as an EMT. While you can gain the necessary knowledge of being an EMT by personal study, going through the actual course gives you opportunities and legal protection that you may not have otherwise. So we have to be wise in how, where and what skills we gain, this needs to be guided by the focus and reason for the skills.

Our next post will be the Fourth Principle.