What I Want To Share

Something I have come to realize I have not really defined WHY I do the things I do.

Why do I study preparedness?

Why I learn different methods of cooking and preparing food?

Why do I learn how to grow foods in various modes and place?

Why learn to build shelters?

Why would I learn about various food preservation methods?

Why go to classes and learn to do these things?

Why do I gather books and audio courses?

Why gather classic books of all genres?

Why do I practice those things I learn?

In all truth I feel stifled if I am not learning something new.

But best of all I love to share and ask questions about the subject, if it is coming from another source.

Some people will get irritated and think I am being a smart-aleck. I am not really when I ask those questions. Sometimes it is because I know someone wants to ask the question I have.

That “I” above is really “WE”, My husband and I both love learning new information and skills. My husband is more of the military history and history period.