Why doTERRA?

I chose doTERRA because it changed my life. It gave me the energy to be a mom again. It allowed me to be a wife who wanted to be with her husband. It brought light into my life by giving me a natural support system for my body during the medical interventions I was undergoing for my health. It allowed me to feel as if I had some choice and control over my health.

I can this because of over 20 years of using herbs and complimentary means of caring for my health. I had used essential oils before, but never had the results I got with doTERRAs essential oils.

Let me tell you my story.

In January of 2011, I attended the Slim and Sassy and Trimshake Launch at Noah’s Event Venue in South Jordan. That night I was also picking up my husband after a deployment. I had planned on staying just long enough to hear the pitch. But had also been praying for answers on what I could do to support my body during the treatments I was undergoing. I am a Gulf War Veteran (just to clarify, the time after Haiti, when Sadam was rattling his sabers-Fall 1994). I said a prayer as I drove South to go to the meeting. This is the same prayer I said almost constantly when going to see my doctors asking for answers and relief from what I was experiencing. I asked that if there was someone there who could be inspired and have a solution to what I was experiencing. I finally got to Noah’s and went in. I happened to meet a gentleman named Justin. I asked what was going on for the event and if there was anyone I could talk to that may be able to help. I described what I was experiencing. I was told to talk to Dr. Hill who happened to be on stage introducing the Slim and Sassy blend and then proceeded to the Trim Shake. Once he finished, I saw a line begin to form. I got in line as quick as I could. I waited. I waited impatiently, as I knew I needed to leave to get to the airport to get my husband. BUT I knew I could not leave before I talked to Dr. Hill.

Dr. David K. Hill is the Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA International, LLC. For me to be able to sit and talk with him for those few minutes made all the difference. I described the issues I was having both physically and physiologically. He listened with great care and empathy. He suggested to just do this one thing once a day over the next few days. I asked is there anything else? Dr. Hill said no. Your body needs rest, it has been so overwhelmed as it is, this will be enough. Just observe how you feel. Hopefully you will feel better in a few days. With that I went to look for how to get the product that had been suggested. I was told thatI needed to sign up and that I needed several other products too. I turned and told them what Dr. Hill had said. there was a quick two step back and do whatever Dr. Hill suggested. With that I left with the website information for enrollment.

I sent message to my husband as I left. I told him I was running late as I was coming from South Jordan. I mulled over what had happened. But was not interested in the possibility of a business, even though I had one. I was more interested in getting my health and life back. I finally got to the airport late. Picked up my husband, we headed home to Brigham City.

While we drove I discussed with him about what had made me late and described what had transpired. He knew when he married me I was into to health and fitness plus natural products. (I will discuss those aspects in a later post.) I assured him I did not sign up or anything. I wanted to mull it over and do some research.

We have what we call a 24-48 hour rule on decisions like this. I had a debt free business. If I didn’t have the money I did not get it, unless I discussed and my husband agreed we would do it.

Over the next 2 weeks, I mulled things over. We were also working on our taxes. I knew that If I wanted to get something it would have to be from tax refund money. I decided on an Every Oil Kit. I discussed it with my husband. I told him I would put it under my business. I registered my business with doTERRA in February of 2011. I got my kit and realized I needed to know more so I bought books to learn.

2011 is also the year, we started the process to sell our home in Brigham City and look for land to purchase and build a home. I had vigorously resisted the idea when my husband had brought it up, as I really wanted out of debt. But December of 2010, I called our bank and inquired about what we would qualify for if we decided to build a new home. They shocked me and said we could do that.

In 2011, we started on looking for farm property. That decision and move would bring doTERRA full circle in my life and help me to make the decision to have a doTERRA business.

But that will be a post for another day.

Please leave your comments and questions. I look forward to meeting you here again.